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Thursday, June 5, 2003

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I have to admit, I've been caught and enchanted by the globalization bug.

I've initiated business connections in India, I have good reason to be doing business with the people of Brazil, and I'm fascinated by what formerly seemed to me a world of "archaic" Chinese ideographs.

There's no doubt about it the world is getting smaller, we're all getting connected, times are changing, and so are all the so called "rules".

Like it or not, work that takes no particular cultural tie -- what we might call "generic telework" -- is going to move to the cheapest possible place ...

... cities whose populations speak a wide range of languages and come from a large number of cultures will have an advantage in some business areas [like] Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, and Melbourne ...

... Open Source [is] a factor in making global outsourcing easier ... because [it lowers] the entry cost barrier to the IT services business no matter where you are.

Read on: Let's all move to India (China, Vietnam, Eastern Europe etc.). Offshore IT services [The Register]

It's happened. My world will never be the same.

My very first, true blog... you're lookin' at it. Enter the massive world of blogging, and become a person in the know. Contribute to the blogging community and make your mark on the annals of time.

If you're a blogging newbie see:

What's a Blog? (Part I) What's a Blog? (Part II)

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The dot Pro (".pro") top level domain (TLD) is scheduled for open registration on July 1, 2003.

Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants can now safely and securely communicate with their clients. Certificates ensuring confidentiality are integral to this new top level domain.

But they'd better act fast. Acquisition in this name space is likely to go fast.

If you or someone you know (doctors, lawyers, accountants) are interested in securing a dot pro (".pro") domain name, simply call Kevin JT Binder, Computer Coach, at 1-877-3BINDER.

Related news story: Virtual World of Support for Real World Woes. Recipients of obscure diagnoses can now turn to the Internet to seek help and find answers. [New York Times: Health]

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