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Professional Experience

January 2003 to Present

zaz Corporation - Business Solutions, Net Development, and Consultation. Got zaz?

Low cost domain names, DNS services, email solutions, web hosting, and web site content management systems.

In "legal" lingo: Application service provider (ASP) featuring software for the manipulation of data over global communication networks, namely, editing software, sorting software, database management software; Computer consultation; Computer programming for others; Computer services, namely, creating, implementing and maintaining web sites for others; Computer systems analysis, integration of computer systems and networks, computer programming for others all for use in commercial interactions over global computer networks; Data automation and collection service using proprietary software to evaluate, analyze and collect service data; Data encryption services; Database development services; Registration of domain names for identification of users on a global computer network. Web sites: http://www.zazcorp.us, www.zaz.com

Get zaz.

September 1995 to December 2002

Binder Communication Technologies /
Binder Internet Commerce & Database Technologies

Contract computer consultant, designer, producer, project manager in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay area. Inter/Intra/Extranet expert, specializing in web-to-database integration and on-line commerce solutions, web site development, web site project management, web search technology, on-line catalogs, web credit card processing, "fresh daily" web technology, and dynamic web site administration (see anyone below). Internet trainer for Tempe School District and Arizona Macintosh User's Group. PC & Mac consulting. Fortune 500 (Del Webb Corp. "Sun Cities") / Advertising Agencies. Web sites: www.zaz.com, www.binderinternet.com

July 1996 to March 1997

Program Manager & WebMaster

DNA / Digital Network Access
Design team manager and Webmaster for this Phoenix Internet Service Provider. Responsible for the design and technical back-end of every web site created for corporate clients. Interviewed and hired numerous designers. Utilized cutting edge technologies to develop database integrated web sites with dynamic elements, animation, interactivity, discussion groups, INTRAnet functionality, ID & password security, plus built-in web site administration that anyone can use to easily add, modify, and delete web site content.

February 1993 to December 1995

Network Manager and Software Developer

University of Science and Philosophy
Designed extensive web site (see it here, as the site has since changed) with 99 html files and over 160 images (over 400 pages on paper.) Managed a LAN and customized software for The University of Science and Philosophy, Waynesboro, Virginia.

January 1995 to June 1995

Consultant, Rybozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc.

40+ hours per week managing this company's 50+ Macintoshes, network, communications software, internet connections, in-house email, printers, plus all software purchasing, installation, use, and training in Boulder, Colorado.

September 1988 to August 1995

Computer Expert / Owner, MacSolutions™

Computer consultant using my own trademark, MacSolutions™, in Colorado and California over the course of seven years. In that time I specialized as a Macintosh consultant, refining expertise in over 100 applications including: desktop publishing, graphic design, finance and accounting, relational database design and implementation, telecommunications, custom application development, and advanced database training for companies like New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Orange County.

November 1989 to February 1990

Promotional Assistant, MacConsultants

Promoted this Aspen based company by giving group software presentations.

February 1989 to May 1989

Macintosh Expert and Show Assistant, Data Experts.
3-D multimedia animation design, technical expert and assistant at trade shows for DataExperts, Denver, Colorado.

September 1988 to September 1989

Entrepreneur, InfoNet Communications Inc.

Started a company in Boulder, Colorado dedicated to the development of telephone-based information services. Designed software and hardware, secured trademarks, developed marketing strategies.

September 1987 to May 1988

Freelance Graphics Artist and Desktop Publisher.

Designed brochures, newsletters, posters, books, and promotional materials while attending the University of Montana, Missoula.



Other Interesting Things

Updated October 8, 2002

I like to exercise and take care of my body. I like being outdoors, hiking, mountain-biking, and skiing. I enjoy doing business, meeting new people, reading, studying, and travelling. Feel free to e-mail me, . Share your thoughts, your interests, or simply say "hello"! I enjoy corresponding with people from around the world.

I married an ambitious woman named Tiffany in Boulder Colorado, on August of 1995. We've since parted ways and are friends. We separated in August 1997, then finalized the "paper work" (divorce) in November 1999. We moved to Phoenix in the Fall of 1995 so that Tiffany could study natural medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

My sister, Buffy, just finished getting her doctorate, just as Tiffany did, in Naturopathic medicine at Southwest College. She completed her program in Febraury 2000. Buffy's a wonderful sister and friend. Anyone who knows her would say the same. She's always been a big animal lover... I have many memories of her and animals growing up. We had horses, chickens, dogs, cats... She's very good with animals. I see her treating and helping quite possibly as many of her future patients' animals as patients themselves. See the Kelley Healing Arts Center web site for more information about her medical practice.

My father is a Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, and Chiropractor. He practiced for many years in Boulder Colorado, and most recently in Hamilton Montana. He's a super-informed and very-experienced wealth of knowledge in the healing arts (he's been in practice for close to 30 years), and is well known by his colleagues nationwide. His celebrity patient John Denver was a personal friend, and made for a fun house guest when I was growing up. Though always very very busy, he is available to do talks, seminars, and specialized training on everything from how to eat right, to correct posture and healthy living. His objective in the coming years is to share what he knows through teaching group seminars and workshops, and in writing (he started a book over a decade ago I'd still like to see him finish... if you're interested in this, e-mail me about viewing a rather old draft of this book. I'll give you special access to view it on-line... perhaps we can get him to finish this sure-to-be-filled-with-gems book yet.) See the Big Medicine web site for more information about his products and services.

My mother is a talented fine artist. She's demonstrated her outstanding creative abilities as a quilt maker, painter, and most recently in computer artistry! See her latest creations at sharonart.com. Growing up, my Mom made the best, healthiest food a kid could ever eat... she's an outstanding gourmet natural foods cook, and the best mom I could ever ask for.

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Boulder CO, USA - (+1) 303-443-5200

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