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Friday, June 13, 2003

Zaz Corporation offers a series of personal, business, and corporate internet identity packages.

What's an internet identity package?

"It's a NetIdentity," says Zaz Corporation founder Kevin JT Binder, "you get email, and a place on the web."

"Our identity package gives you everything you need to be in touch and connected on the Internet."

It's very easy to get started since the basic services are free. When you're ready to graduate to having "your own name" (domain name, that is), you can upgrade for as little as $1.95 per month or $19.95 per year. [Click here if you're asking What's a Domain Name?]

"Flexibility is built-in. You can make changes to your email addresses and your web address any time," says Binder

Small businesses and even large corporations can get started for just $3.95 per month or $39.95 per year.

For more information, or to get your own Net Identity, call 1-888-2-zazcorp, or visit netzaz.com

Friday, June 6, 2003

In the works, at Zaz Corporation:

Fully integrated 100% up-time DNS services.

DNS services come standard with all Domain Name, Hosting, and Content Management systems offered by Zaz Corporation.

A recent study by research group Men & Mice found that of 5,000 .com domain names tested, 73 percent had incorrect DNS configurations and 38 percent allowed for a single point-of-failure. The resulting downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue [and] lost productivity.
internetnews.com (August 26, 2002)

The Yankee Group estimates that companies lose $100,000 on average in productivity for an hour of network downtime.

"Today's e-business would not work without DNS." says Michael Hoch, Aberdeen Group.

Visit the Zaz Corporation web site at zazCORP.US for comprehensive business solutions, development, and consulting.

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zaz corporation -- Business Solutions, Net Development, and Consulting.   G e t  z a z .

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Thursday, June 5, 2003

Everything you want to know, things you didn't know you'd like to know, and more!

Isn't it about time you got caught-up with the times? The computer's here to stay, there's no getting around it. Harness it. Enjoy it. Love it.

My name is Kevin JT Binder. I'll be your coach. Call me toll free 1-877-3BINDER


The dot Pro (".pro") top level domain (TLD) is scheduled for open registration on July 1, 2003.

Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants can now safely and securely communicate with their clients. Certificates ensuring confidentiality are integral to this new top level domain.

But they'd better act fast. Acquisition in this name space is likely to go fast.

If you or someone you know (doctors, lawyers, accountants) are interested in securing a dot pro (".pro") domain name, simply call Kevin JT Binder, Computer Coach, at 1-877-3BINDER.

Related news story: Virtual World of Support for Real World Woes. Recipients of obscure diagnoses can now turn to the Internet to seek help and find answers. [New York Times: Health]

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