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Friday, June 6, 2003

In the works, at Zaz Corporation:

Fully integrated 100% up-time DNS services.

DNS services come standard with all Domain Name, Hosting, and Content Management systems offered by Zaz Corporation.

A recent study by research group Men & Mice found that of 5,000 .com domain names tested, 73 percent had incorrect DNS configurations and 38 percent allowed for a single point-of-failure. The resulting downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue [and] lost productivity.
internetnews.com (August 26, 2002)

The Yankee Group estimates that companies lose $100,000 on average in productivity for an hour of network downtime.

"Today's e-business would not work without DNS." says Michael Hoch, Aberdeen Group.

Visit the Zaz Corporation web site at zazCORP.US for comprehensive business solutions, development, and consulting.

Blog is short for weblog.

If you haven't already, you may want to start with What's a Blog? (Part I)

What is a weblog? A weblog is easy to use but less easy to explain . . . Weblogs have a relatively recent but intense history, with implications for web publishing, journalism, and education.


A weblog, also called a blog, is a web-based writing space. Think of something like an on-line journal, a website an individual uses to write everyday, where all the writing and editing, and the whole look and feel of the site, is managed through a web browser from wherever the writer happens to be. A weblog is designed so that, just like a journal, the page can be turned each day, and the website itself keeps track of the date and archiving of all the writing.

Like a journal, a weblog is not static, but a dynamic, continually updated site that grows over time with the accumulation of writing and other content.

See the full article: Weblogging: Another Kind of Website by Chris Ashley, written for the fall 2001 edition of Berkeley Computing and Communications

So you want to be a blogger but don't know how to get started? Give me a call: 1-877-3BINDER.

- Kevin JT Binder, Computer Coach

A Blog is a WebLog. It's an on-line journal.

In fact, the page you're looking at right now is My Blog.

Blog, Blogging, Blogger.

Bog, bogging, booger?

Blogs are a great place to learn about new stuff, a place you can travel the world and get connected, all from the comfort of your own blog.

Blogs are people's news. It's the "Peoples' Newspaper". Blogs make it easy to share your news, and to annotate the news of others.

See more at What's a Blog? (Part II).

Get started. Surf, surf, surf. Enjoy my blog, and the blogs of others. If you're anything like me, you'll be compelled to start your own blog once you get a taste of it.

Give me a call and "try it on". Blogging is so much fun I gaurantee you'll love it, or your money back.

Give me a call and we'll get you started. 1-877-3BINDER

- Kevin JT Binder, Computer Coach

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