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Thursday, February 5, 2004

I've got music.

I now have my own GarageBand, there's music in my iLife. The M-Audio keyboard I ordered from Apple arrived this morning.

With GarageBand, Apple says, "Making music has never been so natural."

I agree.

Not that I'm a professional or anything, as I suspect most current or would be GarageBand users are (not), but I am something of a veteran when it comes to having experience poking around on synthesizers, and making music on my computer.

Not a whole lot came about in all my efforts over the years, besides the Electronic Music class I took over 15 years ago. That's where I really churned out some music (a whole two-thirds of one side of a cassette tape worth). In that class I had access to a real studio, where I'd stay up until the wee hours of the morning completing my "masterpieces" for the class. There were synthesizers, and a reel-to-reel on which I made my recordings. After that, I didn't make any more music because of all the effort it took. Without the studio, even though I had a 4-track Fostex multi-track cassette recorder, a Midi keyboard, and Midi software that turned it all into musical notation (and "vice-versa" allowing my computer to control the sound coming out of the keyboard) -- it was just too much work.

Enter GarageBand. It's hot. It's fun.

Get musical.

GarageBand creates a virtual studio that lets you jam on your favorite instrument with a virtual band as backup. So what if you sold your flute or never bought a piano? GarageBand lets you be a one man band.

Not that it won't take you some time to come up with something that won't unnerve your neighbors. It'll take time, and practice. But you'll have fun in the process. And instead of sounding like you're just getting started playing your instrument for the high-school band (though it could if you don't bring on the accompaniment), it'll sound like you've invited your friends over and started your own GarageBand.

Jam on!

GarageBand is currently only available to Apple Macintosh users. If you're not already, it's incentive to become one, I'm telling you.

GarageBand is part of the iLife package. It comes with 4 other great programs: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD.

Buy the keyboard to go with it, you can't effectively make music without it. The one I got (pictured at top) works great and costs only $99.

For more information about GarageBand, visit the iLife page on the Apple website here.

Quote and images from apple.com, keyboard image from M-Audio

The Keyboard is an M-Audio Keystation, 49 Key Mobile USB Midi Controller: see M-Audio.com

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