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Friday, June 13, 2003

A domain name is the "main" part of a web address. It's the "anything.com" in "http://www.anything.com".

The domain name for my business is "zazcorp.com", whereas my personal domain names are "kevinbinder.com" and "kevinbinder.net". (Why both ".com" and ".net"? Read on for more on that below.)

What's a Sub-Domain?

We often type "www" and a dot before domain names. The "www" portion is called a sub-domain. For example, I've set up "about" as a sub-domain to "kevinbinder.com". To read about me, you'd go to "about.kevinbinder.com".

"kevinbinder.com" is the domain name. "about" is the sub-domain.

What's a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator (apparently not "Universal Resource Locator" as I've often thought).

URLs often start with "http://", but they can also start with "ftp://", etc. All the URLs I've ever seen have a colen-slash-slash in them ("://"). Sometimes the http has an "s" in it as in "https://" which tells your web browser and the server your connected to encrypt everything, thus making it "secure".

URL vs. Domain Name

What's the difference between a domain name and a URL?

A URL is an entire web address, wheres a domain name is what I'd call it's "root" — the main part of the address.

When visiting a web site, most often the domain name stays the same, whereas the entire URL is changing all the time.

Below are a some examples. The domain name is bold, and what's right-before the domain name is the sub-domain, and what's before that is "http://" which is part of the URL, as described above.

http://kevinbinder.com http://www.kevinbinder.com http://about.kevinbinder.com http:// kevinbinder.com/blog/categories/myOrganization/ http://www.kevinbinder.com/blog/categories/technologyWatch/ http://www.kevinbinder.net http://kevinbinder.net

.COM vs. .NET

As indicated above, I'm both kevinbinder.com, and kevinbinder.net.

"Why?" you may ask, "did you get both .com, and .net?"

For one, I know there are other Kevin Binder's out there (I got the domain names before some other "Kevin Binder" did). Plus, I wanted to be able to use either .com or .net interchangeably. More than anything, though, is that to me, kevinbinder.net lends itself better to "Kevin Binder's Network" (of friends, business associates, etc.) than does kevinbinder.com.

.ORG -- Dreamers Unite

Then there's ".org". Perhaps it will always be simply a dream, but I'd really like to be a considerable contribution to humanity and the world. And since I won't be alive forever, and there's a chance that I'll "make it" (perhaps I'll actually have been a substantial contribution to people and the planet), I see kevinbinder.org as the place that could house the "foundation" or legacy I leave behind when my life comes to a close.

So, I'm a dreamer. Why not?

Let the dreamers unite in cyberspace (with weblogs/blogs, web sites, email, and tele-photo-video), by phone, and in person, and let them all have ".org" domain names.

Get your domain names, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US or otherwise at the lowest possible prices I could find by visiting domains.zaz.com.

Need a Net Coach? Call Kevin JT Binder at 1-877-3BINDER, or visit www.NetCoach.us for a free newsletter, for the Net Coach™ conference call schedule, and for free access to the Net Q & A ™ Library.

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